Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Magical Meeting ♥

was a word
I believed
to exist..
Yet, in a far off land..
where nobody
could reach..
Until the day
that I met you!

I have read in 
of magical worlds
that things could 
with a cast of 'a spell'
Yet how powerful was 
that smile
One brilliant smile
bounded this girl 
with love
Such eternal love..!
That no such 'spell', 
match with it!

It was a day unforgettable
not because I
that was a start
of an eternal beginning
A beginning
for a magical story
Yet, now I see
that 'innocence'
that was inscribed ;
kept unheralded
within that day
and relish
in a secret rejoice!

Now that I know
'tis true
A magical day 
come true!
May be not
like, in  the books
I  have read
Or the movies
I have seen through

Yet, it is magical
in its own way
And, I know
it is all because of  you!! ♥

- Ramazah R

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am one lucky girl! :)

Dipped in your sugary love
I am just one 'lucky girl'
Every night with a sweet dream
I go to sleep ;
Just to wake up next to you
for a beautiful morning
in my thoughts..

Yet, you are not far apart
As the smiley pops up
Just to say 'good morning'
on my phone
Making my day 'All Perfect'

Those little fights we have had
just to end up with the
warmest hugs ever!
Now, they just make me smile..

Everyday as the sun sets
I just wanna make sure ;
one thing is true
That your hand is in mine
and I am with you! :)

The warmth I have in your love
You know I could never
find in this world
The way you put your head
on my shoulder
The smell of your perfume
The touch of your fingers on mine
Like a magic wand
Add sparkles to my day!

It's wonderful how
every time
the way you call my name
with that voice of yours
makes me feel assured
that I am protected!

Sometimes I wonder
How sweet is your love
You make me feel like a princess
with a real crown on my head

And, when we are far apart
there's only one thing
on my mind
That 'cute smile' on your face
which could beat
everything else in this world
Again I know
that, I am the 'the luckiest girl' in this world! :)

- Reena R

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh! What a Bummer!

He's a big bummer
But, he pretends like a stunner
He goes round and round
lookin' for all around
on facebook and twitter
now Google+ and whatever..
Is he a wanderer..
Or perhaps a wonder-er? :P
He tries to be a winner
By vanquishing his 'winter'
Making 'the Internet' his guide
Yeah..Always by his side :P

His profile might be sleek
With colors of talent to peek
Every space filled with
his virtual silver - tongue
May be status updates
are his mother-tongue

His chats are cute
Just like a pac-man route
That would simply make you mute
This is just his virtual zoot

But,Have you ever had a look
at the scenes 'behind the screen'?
Just like a celebrity's
public scene!
Hell! funny as it may seem

Oh what a big bummer
he's a baffled-blunder
You may want to reconsider
Without 'the net' he'd just be 'errrrr'!!

- Ramazah R

Friday, July 8, 2011

Purple Sunset

Red, Green, Blue
I count my colors
to you..
You smile and turn around
Like it's a funny poem

I could see the sunshine
fallin' upon your face
But, your smile beats it all
Your eyes glimmer too
And, I feel so proud
to be the one inside them

I talk for a long time
take a pause and then realize
Whether I've been talkin' too much
So I simply look down
and dwell myself into the grass so green
That's when you mess my hair ;
and say 'silly girl'
U win again
in makin' me smile..!

As we hold our hands
and look beyond this lake;
unto the setting sun
I could suddenly picture
the 'colors of future'
The colors are so vague
some spots are too dark
but there's no purple
I get startled & wake
like I've seen a horror dream!

So, I just close my eyes
To lean upon your shoulder
tryin' to get away from
the dark blotted picture
It all comes against my eyes
once again..

I take a look with a lot of fear
But this time..Only to realize
now it's a perfect picture
painted with pink, yellow & blue
but, purple is just splashed all over
I smile once more and
grab your arm so tight
& get lost in the purple sunset
once more..!

- Ramazah R

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monochromed Colors!

There's a big smile on my face
every time you see me
It's just too perfect
you will find no flaw
everyone loves it
and says it's too beautiful

I try to believe
what they say is true
'cause sunshine is truly
better than rain
though rain might've
made you smile
'time ago!

The days come by
and the nights go by
I try to skip through
some chapters of my
memory's diary
The ones that I wrote
with colorful pens

Sometimes they come
and go by
in front of my eyes;
in dreams;
in real
It's too vague
My mind's too tired to realize

I try to sleep before
it's too dark
So that I won't cry
And, when I wake up
in the morning
Everything is so fine

I know that I'm strong
I've been holding on
since 'all along'
I don't need no shoulder
to hold me and say
'You'd be okay'
Except for the times
I realize a 'hug' might
make my day!!

-Ramazah R

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Memories Down The Lane..!

Feeling sick ever since. No, really. I see my bed. Those colorful bedsheets, that I carefully chose, so that it vibrates the inner happiness, that I am seeking to have. I wanna hug my pillow. I feel heaven then. 'Cause, it means 'you'! I run my fingers through the keyboard of my lappy and realize now there's nothing to be written. I am bored. Worse than bored. It's when I have no reason to tap these keys even. I laugh. I am crazy. Mad, about you! At, times I am sad. At times I am happy, like never before, that's when you come in front of me. I've lost a life. Gained another, but never had the time to see the difference between one and the other. Everything seems same to me. Like a monochrome film, where there's a lot of gray n white , except for the few colored dots , a little over here and a little over there. But, I wanna change. Change everything from the past. Those tiny years, which I never knew, would cringe the strong soul within me. But, it happened. And, is past. Gone. "Time to move on", I say to myself. Stubborn soul. Will it ever listen. No, it loves that sad. Dark , hopeless nights. Now, it feels peaceful within that cocoon, which it created to itself, to find some comfort from those tears, which came down helpless. Now it loves. It needs more. More n more tears to fill the soul. Empty it is, otherwise!


Time goes on. People change. Funny sayings! I never change. I was waiting for you, since five years. Some say it's too long? Time I forgot you. Nah, I can wait. I waited so long. So Much. I can wait even more. Yes. If there's any strength that is left within me now, that's only 'to wait for you'. I have drained the rest, in yearning for you day and night within the gone five years.


I read back, what I wrote. And, say to myself "oh yeah, this is you GIRL!". When I cry thinking of you, I find myself 'stupid', and funny all the same. Stupid 'cause I know I am one. Funny 'cause, it is like a merry-go-round, I cannot live unless I cry. I hug my pillow, seeking love, expecting it to react just the way it should. Sadly, it never does. But, I feel warm. So warm, like everything is back. Back in the right place. Perfect!


This morning I woke up. Like every morning I did, in the past few months. With no reason to start my day. No reason to move on. Nothing to do. Like luxury gives you indolence. Then indolence turns you into nonsense. I went online. As that's the least I could do. Straight to Google. Then Google to 'Facebook'. It is inevitable for me. I won't survive without it. I opened it first. Expecting any funny comments from my friends, on my last night's status message. 8 Notifications. Which one should I pick first. As if though I have a choice. I opened everything one by one. My friend has tagged me in a note. 'Memories Down The Lane' . With a little question mark on my mind I went on and opened it.

And it read ;

" I got a chance to read my yearbook, I had five years ago,
All I can see are memories...
Wrapped up in pictures and words,
My eyes get welled up in tears, when I see the days I smiled,
And, my heart leaps out a laugh, upon the days I had been sad,
Some enemies who have turned into allies,
Some friends who have turned into foes,
Some who are long gone with time, enemies or friends even I dunno!
Now that I read it , I realize more about life
It is just once and losing it is unwise,
One day everything would be gone, but be a 'memory',
If you could do anything, you could only look back,
To Regret or Rejoice.. It is your own choice! "

I read it once. And, again. And, one more time. I took a sigh. A deep breath. Held my head in between my hands. Just closed my eyes paving way to thoughts. My mind kept moving between lively thoughts and numbness. You have moved on. You never said, you wouldn't come back. You just asked me 'time'. And, in giving you that, I have drained myself. Sometimes consciously , and sometimes unconsciously. In fear of losing you, in fear of facing an ugly tomorrow, that I can never live, I have drifted away from the colorful present and had painted it over and over again with Black and White. I have dropped myself into a lonely ocean and wait let me drown. Wait let me succumb to almost-death. May be it's time that I changed. May be this is not the best method to survive in such a big world. May be it's God. Who just knocked on my door, one last time. Just to give me another chance to see the world. Through those beautiful eyes, once I had been seeing through before.

I read the note once more. "No I can't lose my life. I just can't let it go" I repeated to myself.
It's time I created 'hope' within me once again. Hope for my own self. Just me, the way I always wanted to be. I needed to wake up. From an unlost dream. I will change myself. Hold on to those tiny little ambitions I had since I was a kid. May be a little stronger this time. But, one thing wouldn't change. I know this. I will still wait for you. But, as a new person. Your old girl!

I commented on the note,

" 'One day everything would be gone, but be a 'memory'
If you could do anything, you could only look back,
To Regret or Rejoice..It is your own choice'

Really Touched :) "

-Ramazah R

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Under The Mango Tree! :)

And, so he spoke to me again.

It was probably one of the gloomiest evenings I have come across in the past few months. I was staring out of the window, like it would rain. I flipped through my memories. My past. My childhood days. When I was just twelve. And, it started raining hard. Instead of making me sad, the rain, made me happier. It was then, I wanted to run out of the door and dance under the mango tree.. As stubborn as I could be, I always do what I want. Despite the screams I'm gonna hear from mom in a few minutes, I just ran out to the garden. I could feel nothing but freedom. I could feel all the happiness that was kept within me. I am under the mango tree now, dancing with all the madness in my mind. Laughing , giggling. I closed my eyes to feel it better. Moving round and round standing at the center. And, a tiny rain drop fell upon my hand. And, a few more...bringing me back to the conscious world. Soon it was all bleak and empty under the mango tree. I looked at the tree and underneath it sitting near the window. Soon I heard the beep of an sms. And, I got to the table without thinking about anything and looked at the screen of my mobile. 'Aarush'. It read. I couldn't feel anything but the increased beat of my heartbeats. A tingled feeling of dry excitement with sadness and fury was running through my chest and veins. But, the fury. Was upon him or me? I did not know.

I clicked open the message with trembling hands. "Hi, how r u. I got 2 tel u smthn. Smthn vry spl. I jst met sm1, i need 2 tlk 2 u abt dat.. Cn u cm 2 MC 2morow?? ".. I scrolled 'til the end of the message and kept staring at it for a while. "He's only adding to it".. I said in my mind. It's been only 6 months and he has started seeing someone else. But, what hurts the most is , the way he thinks. How could he think I could be so strong to accept the fact that he's seeing someone else let alone accepting the reality of being alone. I was already a dead soul. I just tried concentrating through everything, trying to reason him. The things that has just happened, my life, his love, everything. I felt numb.


It was getting dark. And, I was on our terrace, embracing the cold wind and trying to view the neighborhood, trying not to concentrate on the text that I received about an hour back. I could see many familiar faces, smiles and frowns, and some strange ones over the alleyway on to the west.. stares and walks, some laughing bunches of teenagers passing by.. Parents accompanied by their kids , who probably look like they are returning from their afternoon coaching. I wish I could be one of them, one of those people who walk this road and stare at me from below. I just want to be there, and stare at the person who stands on top , ignore and walk my life. Life seems so weightless in them. I could feel it in the bunch of teenagers who just passed by, the kid whose life is what books, classes and good marks are all about. The mother to whom her child is just life. I wish I could be a part of them. Any of them. I stared at the sky.. Little stars have started filling their spots upon the sky. It seems more like a competition between them. I sway through thoughts. The people below, the buildings that light up the dark and the stars above me so high which I can't reach.

Sometimes, we just cannot justify. Somethings just happen. And, no matter how hard we try to find a reason for the happenings, we just cannot. And, trying to find a reason for them itself, is just a plain stupid thing, as I know. I have tried it. I failed. Failed many times. Now I know, we weren't meant to be together. It was just one passage of life. It was his decision. I had nothing to say. But, I waited every day. I kept thinking this could be 'the hour' he calls back and says "all is fine". But, it never happened. And, since then, I waited every single minute of each day that just passed by until today, for him. But, I have realized, If he was meant to be mine, he cannot go that way. He wouldn't overlook my soul drifting away, like this. He wouldn't find happiness with another person when I have lived a life waiting only for him through tears and pain. I loved him with all I could. But, somethings just aren't meant to go on.

And, may be those people in the alleyway don't just have the most perfect lives, either. They just know how to make it look like perfect. May be those teenagers have life-deciding exams coming their way, yet they know not to be nervous but laugh out the moment. May be the kid doesn't like the extra classes that it is being pushed on to go on, even on a weekend he could enjoy. May be the mother has a whole load of burden to take care of , just as soon as she returns home. May be this is just me, worrying too much over a passing cloud that just rained sometime back. It's melted, drifted and gone. I see no, worries right now. It didn't leave a fragrance, nor did it leave a trail. It's gone and I guess I should be happy for what I am now.

Some experiences are meant to happen. Just for the sake of it. And, all of them don't have a lesson to give, as I feel. But, the experience just matters. May be we could make the lesson out only at a later stage in life. But, the experience would become a part of ourselves. Something that shapes up the new US. Whether we like to cherish it or not. Life doesn't give us every experience just to gratify our very own desires. Sometimes, it just has to be other way round. 'Cause life knows best.!

I will change. I will be like how I was, when I was little. Dancing under the mango tree, with no pains , no burdens. Just this time, I would keep my mind and heart light despite anything that is going around myself.

I took the mobile to my hand and typed "Hi, that's nice. I'd be thr by 10. C u thr. tc :) " and clicked 'send'.

The End.

- Ramazah R